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Saz, Vinyasa & YinYoga Teacher

(Ski, kayak, tennis coach just fyi ;))

If you've been waiting for that chance to get into yoga but you really just feel like you don't fit in,

we need to talk.

I am Saz, I specialise in sharing my passion of an unconventional, non-traditional yoga practice with you. Whether that’s to gain flexibility, improve your mental-state, help you overcome traumas, injuries or just to open your eyes to this now huge trending and sometimes intimidating topic that is.. YOGA. Dun dun duuuun.


I want to start by telling you to drop your expectations of what you think yoga is, or what you think it should look like.. because for those of you who can’t touch your toes, I really could not care less. Because for me, it’s about the vibes. It’s what you learn on the way to touching your toes, or handstanding or even savasana, whatever it is it’s your own journey and there is no pressure on that.


So here I am sharing my passion with you of deep house music & yoga together to be able to create something upbeat, fun & stress-free.

I am a