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Updated: Aug 18, 2019

WARNING: This is definitely not a pretty yoga video.

So, this is me, as real as it gets.

Struggling, being frustrated, wanting to dance instead of handstand.. but trying. I guess now I’m really going to give this handstanding game a proper go instead of a half-hearted one. Here’s to #30daysofhandstanding with @kevin.ken.daru

This is really what yoga looks like. Mindfulness, determination, will power when you don’t want to, overcoming challenges, growing, breathing when it hurts. The real yoga is what you cannot actually see, and let me tell you..

its not that pretty.

To some peeps, yoga may just look like fitness, stretching & flexibility. But it is waaay more than that. If you can’t touch your toes, do you give up?

Or do you keep trying day in and day out, breathing through the discomfort, finding peace in the challenges and learning the discipline of quietening the mind when it tells you ‘I cant.’

Do you give up, or do you persevere?

I have ‘failed’ over and over again before ‘successfully’ getting into a pose. (As you can see lol)

But the things that I have learnt along the way are even better than the pose itself. And this is the mindset I’m learning to take off of the mat into my daily life.

I’m doing things daily that even a year ago I didn’t think I was even capable of and both my body & mind are stronger that it’s ever been.

I’ve been doing yoga for 3 years & I’m still pretty fresh & new on my yoga journey but I will forever be a student, amazed by all these awesome people that inspire me daily, grateful for the people that teach me lifelong lessons and encouraged by the ones that challenge me to always be better. #preach

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