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What Challenges You?

What challenges me the most? Chasing my dreams. 

That includes the daily hustle of the unknown, the strive for progression, the self-doubt, not knowing if I’m making the right decisions, judgement from those who don’t understand me, the motivation to keep going after what I think is right after facing rejection over and over again. ..But these moments, this makes all of it worth it. The love. The fulfilment. The passion & the purpose. Because this is what makes me happy and the pains that I am willing to go through for this is worth it 100 times over.

What do you want from life? If your answer is something like a job you like, happiness & a great family, then (no offence) but that doesn't really mean anything anymore as it's such a common answer. But what i'd really like to ask you is 'What are the pains / struggles you are willing to go through to get what you want?' Because we think that when we have whatever it is that we want, we will be pain free, stress free and struggle free. But that's not true! There will always be something there.

So tell me, what challenges are you are willing to go through to fight for what you want?