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Yin Yoga & The Benefits That it Gives Me

So here’s my take on yin yoga and the benefits that it gives me. It’s very different from yang yoga (vinyasa / ashtanga / hatha) pretty physical practices that targets the muscles. Yes I use Yin Yoga also for the physical side & for flexibility but it’s so much more than that.

So, in a world that’s ever shifting and ever changing, I use this practice to find stillness, to bring myself back into the present moment and to ALLOW myself to slow down. In my practice, I give myself permission to just be right there, without distractions, without judgement (of myself or of others) and without any expectations. I can arrive to my mat without the expectation of having to touch my toes or to keep length in the lower spine, flattening the back. I can just let my body be, the way that it needs to be every time I arrive.

I can close my eyes to remove external distractions and begin to look inwards. Putting my body under stress gives me the chance to notice how I start to react in uncomfortable situations. Can I allow myself to sit there and to breathe deeply? Or do I need to run away and escape the discomfort? It’s tough and in some poses I want to scream, clench my fists and grit my teeth. But the real question is, can I relax into it? I can begin to notice any patterns whilst staying in poses for awhile such as the way I speak to myself. Is it through love, or through hate?

Whatever will happen will happen anyway, so how can I deal with these situations that make me so uncomfortable?

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