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Yin Yoga

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

From April i'll be teaching Yin Yoga for the first time and i'm really hyped to share some super deep knowledge (i'm so modest lol)

Im sure you all know Yin & Yang. Yin is the opposite to the more popular 'Yang' yoga practices that focuses on muscles, high energy and fast paced movements. This is adopted in our ever so busy daily lives, rushing around doing a million things at once (yup, i can relate)

This makes yin that much more important in order to bring that balance and harmony back into our life, to reset, re-root & re ground ourselves. It encourages mindfulness & meditation.

Throughout the Yin practice, we are lead into positions that are held for up to 7 minutes. Within this time we are faced with challenges not just physically, but more often than not mentally.And i'm learning that as i deepen and explore my own yin practice further, more unaddressed feelings, emotions and struggles arise. (i'm talking on and off the mat here) This practice for me is my time where i get the opportunity to confront, to face and actually grow through whatever in life i'm going through. Its my time to turn inwards and pay attention to the daily challenges, to where my mind wanders to and even the time to acknowledge what i'm grateful for. This is my time where i put the practice of learning to find the comfort in the discomfort and try to relate that back to my life off of the mat. (Bcos that’s where the real yoga actually takes place, right)

Let the breath take you deeper into any position. Let the breath guide you through any daily struggles.

But in terms of the physical aspect, yin targets our connective tissues (joints, ligaments and fascia) instead of our muscles. It works wonders with our meridians (energy channels) and links into the chinese medicine clock and elements, helping us balance out the body and mind.

So for those of you who think that yin is just stretching, man it goes far beyond that.

If you wanna know more, try yin yoga or discover this style a little bit further with me, hit me uuuppp!