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What Are People Saying?

a.k.a reviews

Dávid Juraj Szücs 

Yoga like you can never imagine. Always located at perfect spots with astonishing view and sunset... Perfect to have your body in harmony with the surroundings.

Anna Kyriacou

Absolutely amazing experience!
Everything from the music, the energy, atmosphere and of course the instructor!
100% becoming a regular !

Anastasia Ku

It was amazing experience! Will definitely come back for more joga and positive vibes:)

Lucy Stephenson

Magical session this morning in amongst the grass, with some tunes and gorgeous people. Love Sarah's style of teaching!

Yulia Ku

Fantastic! Great vibes! Amazing teacher! yes and more, please! ;)

Jeanette Vanderputt 

Awesome sessions along w bumpin house music, stunning sunsets & an amazing yoga instructor!!

Satvik Katyal

Perfect blend of a full body work out, chill vibes, great location and awesome people. It always makes my day :D

Jessica Jones

I have never been able to stick with any kind of excercise or work out class for more than a few weeks but I've been doing saz yoga for a few months now and I look forward to every class! You actually feel the improvements every week and it is super fun to do. Really it is amazing!

Anne Kile Næss

SazYoga is so unique and simply the perfect way to exercise the body, calm the mind and get positive. I always leave feeling euphoric!!! <3

Alessia Bini

The best yoga in town! dont worry if u are Not a master on it Because the people, the place and the Music Will gonna sorround you in a Beautiful And peaceful World! Thanks Sarah for this magic eveytime❤️🙏🏻

Marianne Grønning 

Sarah is amazing and I love her classes (and I'm not a big fan of yoga)!

Nikki Madi 

Amazing Sunday session at Letna! Great music, super healthy, safe- space/spiritual vibes!

Trang Dao

Best way to spend an hour of your day on! Amazing vibe, space and tunes!

Megan Harding

Gorgeous session out in the english countryside...the feeling you get post SazYoga is so worth it I cant recommend this method of practice enough- the music, the vibes, and of course the strrretch!!! great experience 👌

Millie Goodinson

Just finished a session of field yoga. An amazing experience. Came out feeling calm and strong. Sarah is the best teacher, and I can't wait to do it again!

Chloe Taylor

An incredible first experience of yoga. Feeling refreshed and stress free! Thanks Sarah!! Please come back to the uk soon for more sessions

Nina Šaruga 

Gotta luv SazYoga <3
Freeing experience, amazingly positive vibes from Sarah, always a cool group of people there, great stretch, deep breathing and music, creative locations!
Come on, it`s too perfect! :D

Marek Vaculcik

Pretty cool sessions with great people & music

Melou Rapilly

Sarah is by far the most energetic person I have met. She is always here to support people who wants to begin Yoga. The music is always well chosen. You meet great people in amazing environment :)

Tygra Portolan

Such a unique and cool way to do yoga! I love the music and I have met some amazing people <3 Big up SazYoga!!!!!

Bara Jumrova

Fun, uplifting and energizing yoga sessions with the coolest music and with an even cooler yoga instructor <3 can't wait to be back in Prague for this

Lisa Novacek

I used to be a yoga skeptic, but now saz yoga really provides a highlight to my week! thanks saz <3

Chris Hartland

Great vibes, great yoga, and I am a better person for going to these sessions!