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Yoga Alliance | Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher based in Dubai

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I am Saz.


Active Lifestyle Enthusiast, Ski Instructor, Tennis Coach,  


I started yoga in 2014 and at first hated it. I continued for the sake of ‘fitness’ however didn’t feel any spiritual shift in my life. At the time looking back, I was not open to it.


After I left England and went over to New Zealand I carried on my ‘practice’ (or whatever it was back then!) subconsciously. My other friends started to show interest and so we made it into a social thing. We’d hike to the top of the biggest hill in the town for the sunset, put the speakers on and I would guide everyone through a flow. (At the time I really had no idea what I was doing..)


And at that moment, I felt something. Yoga. The love. The vulnerability. The feeling of life. Community. Shared energy.


From that moment when we all arose after Savasana, said namaste and looked into each other’s eyes, we saw one another for our vulnerabilities, our journeys and our passions.


And now that is what I’m hoping to share with all my students today. It’s that moment of deep compassion for yourself, for others around you and this world that we live in. Because the more conscious we are of ourselves, the more conscious we are of our surroundings.


Yoga is not just the pose. It’s creating space in our lives where we were once maybe stuck. It’s being able to love (ourselves, others, the world we live in, our lives etc)